The OSDA Annual Beach Clean-Up and Presentation of 2017 Flower Boxes took place on Surf Drive Beach on Saturday, June 10th, from 10:00 a.m. to noon.  This year’s flowers were donated by the McCormick Family in memory of Past President and Dock Master, Bob McCormick.

Co-chairs were Polly Thayer, Jay Thayer and Terry Saunders. We had a membership promotion table and registration in front of the Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse. Refreshments were provided to volunteers and all those that passed by. OSD logo wear was also available for sale.

We cleaned from Mill Road down to Elm Road both street side and beach side.  The following members participated: Anna dos Santos, Kevin Doyle, Madeleine Marken, Greg Mills, Jim O’Shaughnessy, Andrea O’Shaughnessy, Terry Saunders, Steve Saunders, Van Smick Jay Thayer and Polly Thayer.

Featured picture includes Terry Saunders, Jay