Old Stone Dock Association June-July Activities

Hello Neighbor – Greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association,

Summer is here, and activities of all kinds for all ages are picking up in the village and in the neighborhood. The year-round population of Falmouth is just over 32,000 but the population has recently been estimated to increase to 105,000 in the summer months. This has the added benefit of supporting a wide mix of commercial, professional, artistic and cultural offerings making Falmouth feel like a larger town all year round.

The Falmouth Fireworks Display Thursday, July 4 at dusk with a rain date of Friday, July 5. Voted one of the 10 best fireworks displays in the country by Travel and Leisure Magazine! Held each year at the Falmouth Heights beach, this is a classic Cape Cod summer event supported entirely by local donations. More information and event details, parking and traffic information can be found at: falmouthpolice.com/events/falmouth-fire-works/ .

The Friends of Falmouth Station have also invited us to an Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 6 from 2:00 – 4:00PM at the Falmouth Station, 59 Depot Ave. Hot dogs, ice cream and entertainment on the Holiday weekend afternoon! Details are attached.

The Falmouth Village Street Fair Wednesday July, 10, 2019 –  The annual Street Fair/Arts and Crafts Festival is coming up and promises to be a main attraction of the Summer season. Hosts, The Falmouth Village Association indicate there will be over 200 artists and artisans set up along Main St that day. Be aware of changes in Main Street area traffic pattern adjustments that day.

The Falmouth Triathlon Sunday July, 14, 2019The annual Falmouth Triathlon will be held once again with events centered at the Surf Drive beach. Improvements this year include a new road cycling course which takes cyclists off of Woods Hole road. This change was initiated last year, and participants and residents agreed that it worked well. The event organizers communicate to their participants that there is NO PARKING on neighborhood streets and this has generally worked well. To help make this happen, Old Stone Dock members work with the Falmouth Police and the Sheriff’s department on traffic control and parking directions in several key locations on the morning of the event. The event organizers have generously supported the Old Stone Dock Association in the past and will continue that support this year. This financial support goes towards the OSDA Tuition Assistance Program that I discussed in my last letter.

If you are interested in lending a hand this year from about 5:30AM until 9:30AM on Sunday morning, July 14 please RSVP to info@oldstonedock.com so we will know who to expect. We will let you know exactly where to be that morning once we know how many volunteers we have.

The Falmouth Road Race Sunday August 19, 2018The 47th running of the Falmouth Road race is set to go off on Sunday morning August 18. Although the OSDA does not take an active role in the event, the course does put 13,000+ runners down Surf Drive on a Sunday morning and they are accompanied by many pedestrians and spectators along the race course. Plan your travel around Falmouth that day accordingly.

OSDA Membership Renewal – The annual OSDA membership drive is coming to a close with a very successful response from you and your neighbors. We thank over 250 of you for participating in the neighborhood association and allowing us to keep our neighborhood visible to Town leaders and pass along items and information which may be of interest to you and your neighbors. If for some reason you have not renewed your membership and still want to, or you have misplaced your application, a renewal form can also be found on our website at oldstonedock.com .

Website Information is always available at oldstonedock.com. Director Terry Saunders does a nice job posting events and activities that are going on with the Association and documenting many of our events with photographs. She also welcomes any information you want to share for the enjoyment of all.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Old Stone Dock Association.

Jay Thayer, OSDA President