During our recent membership renewal drive for 06/01/20 through 05/31/21 the Board of Directors decided to ask the membership if they would like to donate extra funds to support our local community and those that may be struggling due to COVID-19 .  Through July 4, 2020 173 ~ households renewed their membership and we had 4 new members.  In addition to the $25 renewal, we received an additional $1095 from 26 members ranging from $10 to $175.00.  A few were for specific projects ($200 Flower Boxes and $175 Soldiers Memorial) but the majority were to support community needs. Thank you letters were mailed on 07/31/20 to these members.

Due to the their generosity, the OSDA Board of Directors voted on 07/07/20 to provide $500 to The Falmouth Service Center and $500 to Belonging to Each Other.  These checks were presented on 07/28/20 on the porch of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce. See picture for presentation. (Note masked due to COVID-19.)

Picture L to R:

1. Cathy Kligler accepted the check for the Falmouth Service Center as President of the their Board of Directors. Cathy and her husband Roger are also members of the OSDA.

2. Mike Herlihy is a Board of Director for the OSDA and he is also volunteer with the Falmouth Service Center.

3. Steve Saunders is a Board of Director for the OSDA.

4. Terry Saunders is a Board of Director and the Web Administrator for the OSDA.

5. Michael Kasparian accepted the check for Belonging to Each Other. Michael is on Advisory Board for BTEO as well as the President and CEO of the Falmouth Chamber of Commerce.