The OSDA Annual Meeting was held at Beach Breeze Inn on Sunday, 09/09/18 at 3:00 p.m. OSD President Jay Thayer, Committee Member Polly Thayer and Board of Director Steve Saunders covered the tables and set up the chairs before the event.  Polly Thayer (a garden club member in her home town) grew many of the flowers in the arrangements she put together that were placed on all of the tables.  Treasurer Bob Lehtinen and Secretary Cindy Lehtinen manned the registration table checking in guests.  Membership Chair and Board of Director Rebecca Bevilacqua greeted guests.  Polly Thayer greeted members as they made out their name tags.  Steve Saunders and Board of Director Terry Saunders manned the OSD Logo wear table.  Past President Kevin Doyle directed parking.

Although it was a bit cool, we can always be thankful it didn’t rain. The bar was open and hot coffee and tea was available.  Our meal included pulled pork and chicken / ziti / broccoli with sides and was followed by ice cream sundaes.

The day’s program included Jay Thayer welcoming members and invited guests. Officials that addressed the membership included Town Manager Julian Suso, Deputy Fire Chief Scott Thrasher and Peter McConarty Deputy Director of Public Works.  Past President Kevin Doyle thanked host Don Filiault for allowing the OSDA to hold their summer meeting on their lawn for many years.  Karen Rinaldo presented a birthday cake to Don.   Jay highlighted some of the past years events (see full list below and full stories on the OSD web site).

Terry Saunders spoke about the Tuition Assistance Presentation that was made at the August 14, 2018 Board Meeting where 6 worthy recipients each received $500. Funds come from both the membership annual dues, additional donations members made and the generous contribution received from New England Endurance Events as a thank you to the members that provided Traffic Control Services the morning of the Triathlon.

Jay introduced the officers and Board Members in attendance including: Treasurer Bob Lehtinen and Secretary Cindy Lehtinen.  Past Presidents:  Kevin Doyle, Jim Crossen and Jim Fox.  Board Members:  Rebecca Bevilacqua, Anne Prior, Steve Saunders, Terry Saunders and Paul Smith.  Not in attendance were Board Members Jack Driscoll, Mike Herlihy, Dorie Ketterer and Rocco Maffei.

Jay thanked everyone for their attendance, announced the ice cream sundae station was open and closed the meeting.

Many thanks to the following

  • Beach Breeze Inn – Hosts Don Filiault and Walt Sullivan
  • Eat Your Heart Out Caterers – Sean Dailey
  • Smitty’s Ice Cream – Richard Smith
  • Tony at Murphy’s Liquor – Beverages
  • The Charlie Jamieson Duo – music
  • Sheriff’s Department – Tent’s, tables and chairs


Front Row L-R: Bob Lehtinen, Cindy Lehtinen and Rebecca Bevilacqua. Back Row L-R: Polly Thayer, Steve Saunders, Terry Saunders.

Front Row L-R: Bob Lehtinen, Cindy Lehtinen and Rebecca Bevilacqua. Back Row L-R: Polly Thayer, Steve Saunders, Terry Saunders

Charlie Jamieson Trio.

Charlie Jamieson Trio.

Past President Kevin Doyle, Falmouth Artist Karen Rinaldo, Thanks and Birthday Cake to Host Don Filiault at Beach Breeze Inn.

Past President Kevin Doyle, Falmouth Artist Karen Rinaldo, Thanks and Birthday Cake to Host Don Filiault at Beach Breeze Inn.

Speaker Peter McConarty, Deputy Director of Public Works

Speaker Peter McConarty, Deputy Director of Public Works









Scott Thrasher, Deputy Fire Chief

Scott Thrasher, Deputy Fire Chief

Julian Suso, Town Manager

Julian Suso, Town Manager

Beach Breeze Inn - Don Filiault, Walt Sullivan and Staff

Beach Breeze Inn – Don Filiault, Walt Sullivan and Staff







Prepared by Terry Saunders


President’s 2018 Annual Report,  Jay K. Thayer

Highlights of activities since the last Annual Meeting:

Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse:  OSDA members continue to donate the cost of the flower boxes as tributes to their families.  In 2018, the Thayer family donated the flowers in remembrance of loved ones.

Surf Drive Beach Clean Up: Terry Saunders organized the annual event in June with 25 members participating.  A cookout at Jay and Polly Thayer’s home capped it off.  Thanks all who helped make the beach and roads ready for the summer season!

Website / Email: The main communication for OSDA continues to be via email and our website.  It is administered by Terry Saunders and is effective, efficient and current.  We need your up to date contact information to succeed.  If you are not receiving our emails or have changed your address, please drop us an email at Please check out for neighborhood items of interest and links to Falmouth activities.

Tuition Assistance Program: Terry Saunders also coordinates our tuition assistance program for relatives of members headed off to college in the fall. This year we awarded grants to six daughters and granddaughters of OSDA members. We wish them all the best of luck!

Walker Street Improvements: Deputy Director of Public Works Peter McConarty happily informed us that the work on lower Walker St is complete! We are looking forward to other improvement projects in the neighborhood.

Social Activity Planning: Don Filiault, host of our Summer Social at the Beach Breeze Inn, and Dorie Ketterer, host of the Christmas Party at ShoreWay Acres, continue to add value to our gatherings.  Both hosts are very gracious and supportive.  We are a fortunate Association to have these venues in our neighborhood.

Falmouth Triathlon:  Members arrived at their posts around Town at 5:30am and directed Main Street traffic, parking and beach control until about noon.  Event organizers contributed $1,000 to our treasury for our service.  Thanks to those who volunteered!

Summer Lifeguard and Parking Lot Attendant Appreciation Breakfast:  This was the third year in a row that we have held this ‘thank you’ breakfast to the over 75 summer beach employees.  Thanks to Anne Prior and Margie Mitchell for organizing this event.  Town Manager Julian Suso and Beach Superintendent Bruce Mogardo joined us.

Supportive Board and Membership:  Many thanks to a very active and dedicated Board of Directors and to our members who are always very encouraging with words and participation!