It is with sadness that we share with you that Old Stone Dock Association member and Past President, Bob McCormick passed away suddenly at his home in Falmouth on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.  At the mass in Needham on Monday, September 26, 2016 current OSDA President, Kevin Doyle gave the eulogy.

Bob McCormick’s Eulogy – Delivered by Kevin Doyle, September 26, 2016

Thank you, Karen, and thanks to Millie and the whole family. I was honored to be given this opportunity and, frankly, I was happy to be asked. It’s not too hard to be asked to take a few minutes and say nice things about Bob McCormick.

I can sum up what I’d like to say about Bob in two words: Friends and Family. That’s why I’m the most fortunate guy in this church today because I got to be a friend who was subsequently welcomed into his family.

I’d be sitting in Bob’s den when the kids would stop in and as I’d get up to go, I was always told to stay. I met Brian early on. If I was anywhere near his Dad when Brian arrived, I was invited to come along, too. Get in the boat and head to the Vineyard for a lobster roll. Brian learned his gracious ways from the Master.

Steve, Rob, Paul – all in turn – and sometimes all at once. About a month ago we were at Karen’s house when all the kids and spouses gathered to celebrate Millie’s birthday – I showed up with a card wishing them both a Happy Anniversary instead! It was okay, Millie had me covered – she blamed Bob for confusing me.

And I got to see Millie every time I got to see Bob. We’d chat about whatever was going on in the news or in the neighborhood. Then she’d be sure Bob was dressed appropriately, and she’d head off for the malls while Bob and I headed off to execute some official business for OSDA. Usually ending up for lunch at the Quarterdeck Restaurant, “where everybody knows your name” and Bob knew them, too.

I enjoyed more lunches with Bob than I hope anyone ever counted. On too many occasions we’d be like real old timers and split a BLT! Bob would go through the motions of cutting back on food, and then eat every french fry on the table. One time we went to the BBC and Bob said, “Have whatever you want. It’s on me today.” He forgot that he had already mentioned that he left his wallet at home. I got a real kick out of watching him reach for it when the bill came.

But we always felt that we earned our lunch, because for the hour or two before it, we’d be touring town offices. He was tireless in promoting the betterment of the neighborhood. And as the song says, “he’d be welcome where’er he’d go.”

We’d show up at the Police Station with Bob’s forever long friend and neighbor, Constable Jim Crossen, and I’d sit back and listen to the two of them resolve an issue with the Chief and then continue to talk with him as all good friends do.

How much of an impact did he make? The Beach Committee sent flowers. As for the DPW, the Deputy Director and his wife were here yesterday to pay their respects. Town Hall? The Town Manager and his wife drove up for the wake and are sitting in the church this morning. The Town Manager’s wife even offered to make dinner for the McCormick’s when she heard the news. A stream of Cape Codders – who don’t like to cross the bridge on Sundays – were here. Everyone expressing their sorrow with a fondness we all feel. Everyone impressed with the size and character of his family.

Bob was so dedicated to the community and so beloved by all, that the Board voted to make him the “Dock Master” of the OSDA. The Dockmaster is the first person a boater seeks out when they’re disoriented and they want guidance on how to proceed. The Dockmaster is deemed to be friendly and helpful to all. Bob was the consummate Dockmaster. His contributions to the Association are impossible to tally.

Bob was also a Marine. As a fellow Marine, I was constantly awed that even after six decades he continued to exude the traits that we pride ourselves on: Leadership. Integrity. Enthusiasm. Reliability. Compassion. Flag flying in the front yard. Not for self but for others. Last July he was “on his post” at 5am to direct traffic and greet competitors at the Falmouth Triathlon.

Semper Fidelis. Always Faithful. He never forgot his friends – in the phone company, the Needham Exchange Club, neighbors. He liked people and people liked him. He looked forward to coming back to Needham for monthly lunches with “the old crowd,” and he looked forward to meetings at the DPW, and he looked forward to Board meetings and gatherings of the Association. He looked forward to just “stopping by to say Hi” to whoever he hadn’t seen for a while.

He spent a lifetime like the Irish cop walking his beat “just sticking his head in to be sure everything was okay.” We drove away from a lot of meetings together, and every time we drove away from any visit, no matter how brief, he would have something nice to say about the person we just left.

And he loved his family. Mildred, the kids, their spouses, the grandkids. Each and every one. Making time for phone calls and to email “love-notes” as he called them. Grateful for your many kindnesses, and proud of all your accomplishments. I know. I’ve heard his stories! We all know.

Bob McCormick will be remembered by everyone who ever had the pleasure to know him as an inspiration for what it means to live a cheerful life, always finding the best in others.

Link to obituary – click here.