It is with sadness that we share with you that Old Stone Dock Association member and Past President, Bob McCormick passed away suddenly at his home in Falmouth on Wednesday, September 21, 2016.  At the mass in Needham on Monday, September 26, 2016 current OSDA President, Kevin Doyle gave the eulogy.

Bob McCormick’s Eulogy – Delivered by Kevin Doyle, September 26, 2016

Thank you, Karen, and thanks to Millie and the whole family. I was honored to be given this opportunity and, frankly, I was happy to be asked. It’s not too hard to be asked to take a few minutes and say nice things about Bob McCormick.

I can sum up what I’d like to say about Bob in two words: Friends and Family. That’s why I’m the most fortunate guy in this church today because I got to be a friend who was subsequently welcomed into his family.

I’d be sitting in Bob’s den when the kids would stop in and as I’d get up to go, I was a