The following article was printed in the Falmouth Enterprise on Friday, 12-09-16.

Mr. James Crossen, Town Constable and Senior Past President of the Old Stone Dock Association was honored at the Association’s Annual Christmas Party at ShoreWay Acres last Sunday.

Past President Jack Driscoll told the 100 members and guests that the Association that was established in 1962 needed rejuvenation about a decade later. At that point, Mr. Crossen stepped in with a dynamic campaign of neighborhood involvement in beautification and advocacy for the Surf Drive Beach and Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse.

Mr. Crossen initiated contact with town leaders and the Beach Committee to align the Association with their objectives for traffic management, road maintenance, and the general welfare of all residents. Together with former Dock Master Bob McCormick, he would organize “Executive Forums” for town officials to meet with the public and discuss on-going projects and plans.

For more than four decades, Jim has provided guidance and helpful direction to numerous Boards of Directors with tireless energy. His initiative for a scholarship for members’ children and grandchildren spurred the Directors to name the scholarship fund after his late wife Mae Crossen.

Town Manager Julian Suso thanked Jim for his long record of selfless leadership on behalf of the entire town. Mr. Suso cited his 20 years as a Town Meeting Member, a previous Sealer of Weights and Measures, and the Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year in 2008 as examples of his commitment to his fellow townsmen. Mr. Suso noted his time as a Key Club Advisor encouraging youngsters in community spirit, sitting on the Board of the Upper Cape Vocational School, and coaching baseball and soccer for youth at the Recreation Center. The Town Manager also praised Jim for his service to the country during World War II in the Navy in the Pacific theater, and noted that he went on to 32-year career with NOAA in Woods Hole as a pioneer in underwater television photography.

Police Chief Edward Dunne presented Constable Crossen with his “Chief’s Coin” for his exemplary contribution to the public welfare of the town. Chief Dunne informed the audience of the unique role of the constable in today’s community as a complement to the patrolman’s duties. The general duties of a Constable are to be vigilant to preserve the peace, to prevent the commission of crime, and to arrest offenders. The position derived from Roman times when the constable was the “keeper of the stable” responsible for the welfare of the king’s horses. This gave him broad powers to prevent crime. The same “maintain the peace” principle lasts to this day.

Director Paul Smith presented the honoree with a “Crossen Creek” sign that will designate the DPW-made drainage canal between Mill Road and Salt Pond that runs behind the corner parking lot. It will be a symbol of his enduring contribution to the neighborhood and the town.

Prior to the party, Mr. Crossen was chauffeured along the parade route in a car donated by White Tie Limousine in his honor. Although it was inadvertent, no one was upset that he was placed among the very first in the line of march. His daughter Jamie rode with him and said that he just about wore off his arm waving to the children sitting on the curb, constantly telling her, “It’s all about the children.” Such is the philosophy of Jim Crossen.

Mr. Crossen’s vehicle was preceded by the Old Stone Dock Association’s new banner that celebrates the Bicentennial of the Old Stone Dock itself. Painted by artist Kathy Hall it depicts the dock as it was 200 years ago when it was the center of commerce for Falmouth. It remained as a primary port between Boston and New York until the Falmouth Inner Harbor was dredged in 1908. That dredging effort is shown in Don Fish’s photograph that appeared in last week’s Enterprise. Throughout 2017 the Association hopes to promote a town-wide awareness of our maritime heritage that was enabled by the Old Stone Dock.

Jim Crossen & Paul Smith

Jim Crossen & OSDA Board of Director Paul Smith

Jim Crossen & Police Chief Edward Dunne

Jim Crossen & Police Chief Edward Dunne