05-10-19 Email from President Jay Thayer to members

Hello Neighbor – Greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association

Spring is taking its time making its way into Falmouth this year but there are signs that summer is not far off and the Surf Drive Beach will soon be enjoyed by many of us once again. I wanted to make you aware of several upcoming events and activities being organized by the Old Stone Dock Association (OSDA).

The OSDA Annual Beach Clean-up and Presentation of 2019 Beach House Flower Boxes on Surf Drive Beach will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. We wanted to do a final cleanup before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Protect yourself by wearing long pants, shirts with sleeves, sunblock and use garden gloves.  We’ll have a membership promotion table and registration by the Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse where refreshments will be provided and OSDA logo wear will be available for sale.  We will also be gathering for a light lunch afterwards so we will need to know if you will join us. If you are able to lend a hand, please RSVP toinfo@oldstonedock.com so we will know who’s coming.

Dues Renewal Notices are being mailed this week to 350+ new, current and past members.  Please support the OSDA by remitting your dues of $25.00 per family now to P. O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541 for the current year of 06/01/19 to 05/31/20.  The membership renewal form can also be found on our website at oldstonedock.com if that is more convenient for you. We thank you in advance for participating in the neighborhood association and allowing us to pass along items and information which may be of interest to you and your neighbors.

Tuition Assistance Applications are available to children and grandchildren of Old Stone Dock Association members who will be freshmen at a 2 or 4 year college in September 2019.  Members must be paid up and current with their 2019/2020 dues.  Applications will be accepted between May 1, 2019 and June 23, 2019.  The quantity and amount of scholarships provided annually will be determined by the Board of Directors and recipients will be selected by the committee.  The Tuition Assistance Application can be opened on the OSD website (oldstonedock.com) as a fillable PDF form, saved and printed from your PC.  A copy is also attached to this email if you would like to print it and fill it in by hand.  Applications must be mailed to OSDA-Tuition Assistance, P.O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541 and be postmarked by June 23, 2019.

Old Stone Dock Association Information is always available on the website at oldstonedock.com. Director Terry Saunders does a fantastic job updating the website with events and activities that are going on with the Association and documenting many of our events with photographs.  She also welcomes any information you might want to offer for the enjoyment of all.

Article of Interest  My wife, Polly, recently came across an interesting article in the BU Today online magazine. The article is written by food, travel and outdoor recreation writers Diane Blair and Pamela Wright. It is titled “Three Perfect Cape Cod Day Trips” and details three of the best day trips on the Cape. As you may have guessed, Falmouth is on the list. The section “Bike the Shining Sea” is a great description of Falmouth attractions and natural wonders near the bike trail. It reminded me of some of the many reasons that we are drawn to the Cape and Falmouth in particular. The article can be found at:  https://www.bu.edu/today/2019/cape-cod-day-trips/

Request from the Beach Breeze Inn  I wanted to repeat a request that I made last Fall regarding a unique opportunity in our neighborhood this Summer. Every year the Beach Breeze Inn sponsors three young women on […]

May 22nd, 2019|

05-18-19 OSDA held their annual beach and roadway cleanup

The OSD annual beach cleanup and membership drive was held at Surf Drive Beach on Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10:00 am to noon. Fourteen members and friends participated and gathered at the Ellen T Mitchell Bath House.  We cleaned the beach and both sides of Surf Drive as well as the corners of Mill Road, Bywater, Walker and Shore. The Mill Road parking lot was cleaned as well. We took a group picture before heading out.

Those in the picture:

*Seated left to right: Terry Saunders, Judy Labins, Rebecca Bevilacqua and Carol Reed

*Standing left to right: Bob Lehtinen, Jack Driscoll, Polly Thayer, Jay Thayer, Ed Jackson, Lenny, Steve Saunders and Cindy Lehtinen

*Late comers who participated but were not in the picture were: Kathleen McGoey, Louise Mitchell, Laura Puopolo and Scott Puopolo

Rebecca Bevilacqua and Steve Saunders manned the registration and logo wear table. We sold men’s and ladies t-shirts and sweatshirts, baseball caps, winter hats, bags and notecards. As neighbors and visitors walked by they explained that the OSDA members were cleaning up the area and provided brochures to those interested. Light refreshments were provided to participants and those who visited our table to hear more about the association.

After the cleanup we enjoyed a delicious luncheon at the home of Jay & Polly Thayer.

It was decided that the evenings were still a little cool to install the flower boxes at the Ellen T Mitchell Bath House so they’ll be put up in the next couple of weeks. At that time we’ll share with you the individual that made a contribution towards the purchase of the flowers this year.  A plaque will also be put up recognizing the family.

Terry Saunders, Beach Cleanup Committee Member
Other Committee Members: Jay Thayer, Polly Thayer

May 22nd, 2019|

12-19-18 Holiday Party & Parade 12-09-18, update after event

On Sunday, 12/09/18 Old Stone Dock members marched in the Falmouth Christmas Parade. Members Jay Thayer, Kevin Doyle and Paul Smith proudly walked behind the banner and waved to parade goers along the way (see feature picture).

The Annual after the Parade Holiday Party hosted by OSD members Dorie and Greg Ketterer took place at ShoreWay Acres Inn from 2 to 4 p.m.  It was attended by over 100 members and guests including several public officials.   There was a delicious buffet enjoyed by all.

Cindy Lehtinen, Bob Lehtinen and Jennifer McGovern welcomed guests at the registration table. The children enjoyed face painting by OSDA member Kathy Hall and gingerbread house decorating sponsored by OSDA members Dorie & Greg Ketterer of ShoreWay Acres. Liz Saunders and Ted Jellinek Duo entertained the guests with popular tunes and Christmas favorites.

The Old Stone Dock Logo Wear table was manned by Steve Saunders and Terry Saunders and included new winter caps. Other items included pink caps and green caps, T-shirts, sweatshirts, canvas bags, etchings of the dock and Old Stone Dock note cards.

Jay Thayer reviewed the association’s accomplishments this past year, introduced the officers and board of directors and asked new members to stand be recognized. Town Manager Julian Suso, Police Chief Edward Dunn and Deputy DPW Director Peter McConarty each addressed the crowd.

Committee Members Pat Keck, Polly Thayer and Terry Saunders solicited the Falmouth Village Business in November and they were extremely generous in providing door prizes for our guests.  Below is a list of the donors and recipients.  This list of local business as well as others who assist us throughout the year can be found on the OSDA Events Page under “Local Business Supporters”. Please be sure to shop or eat at these fine establishments and thank them for their assistance in making this year’s event so special.
























Falmouth Village & Others
2018 Gifts

Anejo Mexican Bistro
188 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Sandy Smith

Atlantic Dry Goods
104 Palmer Ave
Spice Jar – add liquor
Anne Prior

Bean & Cod
145 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Kate Harding

Ben & Bills Chocolate
209 Main Street
Kids- Gift Certificate
Michael Butler

Caline for Kids
149 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Stephanie Suso

Celebrations of Cape Cod
210 Main Street
Kids- Coggy Brain Teasers
Celia Scharmer

Celebrations of Cape Cod
210 Main Street
Kids- Elf on Shelf Kit
Eliza Scharmer

Celebrations of Cape Cod
210 Main Street
Kids- Holiday Flashing Necklaces
Jay Barrass

Celebrations of Cape Cod
210 Main Street
Kids – Holiday Flashing Necklaces
Anna Wilson

Celebrations of Cape Cod
210 Main Street
Kids- Unicorn String Art
Suzanna Butler

Country Fare Restaurant
319 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Maureen Sullivan

Cup Cake Charlies
153 Main Street
Gift Cert – 6 cupcakes
Grace Rakeman

Eastman’s Ace Hardware
150 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Lorraine Fox

Eight Cousins Books
189 Main Street
Kids- Gift Certificate
Lily Hopewood

Falmouth Chamber
20 Academy Lane
Falmouth Beach Towel
Betsy Jackson

Falmouth Jewelry Shop
225 Main Street
Sterling Silver CC Necklace
Cindy McConarty

Ghelfi’s Candies & Ice Cream
228 Main Street
Kathleen Dunn

Green Eyed Daisy
199 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Kathleen Doyle

Hannoush Jewelers
352 Main Street #2
Alex & Ani Gold Puzzle Bracelet
Denise Reed

Hannoush Jewelers
352 Main Street #2
Alex & Ani Silver Dove Bracelet
Pat Keck

Harvest of Barnstable
261 Main Street
Sparkle Tree
Brian Doyle

Highfield Hall & Gardens
Highfield Drive
Annual Membership-Advocate
Jim Crossen

Howlingbird Studio
91 Palmer Ave
Gift Certificate
Ann Tolkoff

John’s Shoe Store
141 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Jim Fox

La Cucina sul Mare
237 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Kate Cary

Liam Maguire’s Irish Pub
273 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Ginny Pimentel

Livin’ EZ Casual Wear
226 Main Street
Falmouth Sweatshirt
Robert Pritchard

Maison Villatte Boulangere
267 Main Street
Food Gift Basket
Amy Herlihy

Martha’s Restaurant
281 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Steve Saunders

Martha’s Restaurant
281 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Jen Rakeman

Molly’s Tea Room
227 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Ed Rakeman

Old Stone Dock Association

Gift Certificate
Pat Doyle

Port Cargo
156 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Cindy Lehtinen

Puritan Clothing Cape Cod
199 Main Street
Gift Certificate
Kevin Doyle

Ryans Amusement Center
23 Town Hall Sq
Kids- Gift Certificate
Shane Harding

Settings – Home Décor
143 Main Street
Canvas Cutlery Holders – 10
Christine Marguerite

Settings – Home Décor
143 Main Street
Canvas Cutlery Holders – 10
Brenda Campanelli

Settings – Home Décor
143 Main Street
Canvas Cutlery Holders – 10
Sharon Butler

Settings – Home Décor
143 Main Street
Canvas […]

December 20th, 2018|

12-09-18 Holiday Party at ShoreWay Acres, 11-26-18 E-mail from President Jay Thayer

Greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association,

I hope that you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  I wanted to remind you that there are less than two weeks to go until the 55th Annual Falmouth Parade and the 15 Annual “After-the-Parade” Old Stone Dock Association Christmas Party at the ShoreWay Acres Inn. If you have decided to come we look forward to seeing you there on December 9th. If you have not decided yet there is still time to get your tickets and join the fun with your friends and neighbors.

The weekend of December 8 and 9 will be busy in Falmouth with the Falmouth Holiday Stroll on Saturday the 8th with fun activities for all throughout the downtown area. Details and times can be found at:  web.falmouthchamber.com/events/HOLIDAY-STROLL-IN-THE-VILLAGE-5147/details

The Friends of Falmouth Station have also invited us to stop by while “strolling” to see firsthand the recently completed restoration of our historic train station. Details of the Station activities have been provided to us by OSDA member and Director, Jim Fox. See https://www.facebook.com/FriendsOfFalmouthStation  for more information.

If you are in Falmouth for the Holidays we hope to see you at the Old Stone Dock Association Christmas Party on Sunday, December 9th at 2:00pm after the Parade!

Jay Thayer

President, OSDA

December 8th, 2018|

09-09-18 OSDA Annual Meeting and Summer Social

The OSDA Annual Meeting was held at Beach Breeze Inn on Sunday, 09/09/18 at 3:00 p.m. OSD President Jay Thayer, Committee Member Polly Thayer and Board of Director Steve Saunders covered the tables and set up the chairs before the event.  Polly Thayer (a garden club member in her home town) grew many of the flowers in the arrangements she put together that were placed on all of the tables.  Treasurer Bob Lehtinen and Secretary Cindy Lehtinen manned the registration table checking in guests.  Membership Chair and Board of Director Rebecca Bevilacqua greeted guests.  Polly Thayer greeted members as they made out their name tags.  Steve Saunders and Board of Director Terry Saunders manned the OSD Logo wear table.  Past President Kevin Doyle directed parking.

Although it was a bit cool, we can always be thankful it didn’t rain. The bar was open and hot coffee and tea was available.  Our meal included pulled pork and chicken / ziti / broccoli with sides and was followed by ice cream sundaes.

The day’s program included Jay Thayer welcoming members and invited guests. Officials that addressed the membership included Town Manager Julian Suso, Deputy Fire Chief Scott Thrasher and Peter McConarty Deputy Director of Public Works.  Past President Kevin Doyle thanked host Don Filiault for allowing the OSDA to hold their summer meeting on their lawn for many years.  Karen Rinaldo presented a birthday cake to Don.   Jay highlighted some of the past years events (see full list below and full stories on the OSD web site).

Terry Saunders spoke about the Tuition Assistance Presentation that was made at the August 14, 2018 Board Meeting where 6 worthy recipients each received $500. Funds come from both the membership annual dues, additional donations members made and the generous contribution received from New England Endurance Events as a thank you to the members that provided Traffic Control Services the morning of the Triathlon.

Jay introduced the officers and Board Members in attendance including: Treasurer Bob Lehtinen and Secretary Cindy Lehtinen.  Past Presidents:  Kevin Doyle, Jim Crossen and Jim Fox.  Board Members:  Rebecca Bevilacqua, Anne Prior, Steve Saunders, Terry Saunders and Paul Smith.  Not in attendance were Board Members Jack Driscoll, Mike Herlihy, Dorie Ketterer and Rocco Maffei.

Jay thanked everyone for their attendance, announced the ice cream sundae station was open and closed the meeting.

Many thanks to the following

Beach Breeze Inn – Hosts Don Filiault and Walt Sullivan
Eat Your Heart Out Caterers – Sean Dailey
Smitty’s Ice Cream – Richard Smith
Tony at Murphy’s Liquor – Beverages
The Charlie Jamieson Duo – music
Sheriff’s Department – Tent’s, tables and chairs
















Prepared by Terry Saunders


President’s 2018 Annual Report,  Jay K. Thayer

Highlights of activities since the last Annual Meeting:

Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse:  OSDA members continue to donate the cost of the flower boxes as tributes to their families.  In 2018, the Thayer family donated the flowers in remembrance of loved ones.

Surf Drive Beach Clean Up: Terry Saunders organized the annual event in June with 25 members participating.  A cookout at Jay and Polly Thayer’s home capped it off.  Thanks all who helped make the beach and roads ready for the summer season!

Website / Email: The main communication for OSDA continues to be via email and our website.  It is administered by Terry Saunders and is effective, efficient and current.  We need your up to date contact information to succeed.  If you are not receiving our emails or have changed your address, please drop us an email at info@oldstonedock.com. Please check out www.oldstonedock.com for neighborhood items of interest and links to Falmouth activities.

Tuition Assistance Program: Terry Saunders also coordinates our tuition assistance program for relatives of members […]

September 10th, 2018|

08-14-18 Tuition Assistance Checks Presented at OSD Board Meeting

The Old Stone Dock Association provided tuition assistance to 6 graduating seniors at their board of directors meeting on Tuesday, 08/14/18. The meeting was attended by OSDA President Jay Thayer, Immediate Past President Kevin Doyle, Treasurer Bob Lehtinen, Secretary Cindy Lehtinen as well as Board Members, Rebecca Bevilacqua, Mike Herlihy, Steve Saunders and Terry Saunders.

Pictured:  Terry Saunders, Committee Chair.  Recipients – Olivia Curtis, Margaret Oftring, Tara Piccione, Bridget Piccione.   Jay Thayer, OSDA President. (Unable to attend presentation Jamie Daley and Colby Bayer.)

The following students each received a check for $500.00 to assist them as they enter their freshmen year at the colleges identified below.

Students Name: Jamie Daley
Member Sponsor: Joan & Bill Swift (grandparents)
College – Studying: Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL – Psychology







Students Name: Colby Bayer
Member Sponsor: Joan & Bill Swift (grandparents)
College – Studying: Florida Gulf Coast University – Nursing







Students Name: Margaret Oftring
Member Sponsor: Kathleen Madaus (grandmother)
College – Studying: University of Massachusetts – Science







Students Name: Tara Piccione
Member Sponsor: Matthew & Eileen Piccione (parents)
College / Studying: University of Vermont – Arts & Sciences

Students Name: Bridget Piccione
Member Sponsor: Matthew & Eileen Piccione (parents)
College – Studying: University of New Hampshire – Liberal Arts








Students Name: Olivia Curtis
Member Sponsor: Ed & Betsey Jackson (grandparents), Rebecca Jackson (mom)
College – Studying: Massachusetts College of Art & Design – Fine Arts






Submitted by Terry Saunders – Committee Chair Tuition Assistance

September 9th, 2018|

08-07-18 OSDA Beach Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Tuesday, August 7 th  dawned as another of the wonderful summer days we’ve enjoyed!  What better time for Old Stone Dock Association’s annual Beach Staff Appreciation Breakfast at Surf Drive Beach. Bagels, munchkins, yogurts, juices, etc. were enjoyed as well as camaraderie. Town manager, Julian Suso attended and along with OSDA President Jay Thayer and I expressed thanks to them for being “the faces of Falmouth” to tourists. We received many thanks from the kids as they left for their beaches. It’s something they always enjoy and something we enjoy doing for them.

Anne Prior, Committee Chair – Beach Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Other OSD Members in attendance and in the feature picture were (L to R) Mike Herlihy, Paul Smith, Anne Prior, Kevin Doyle, Polly Thayer, Jim Fox, Steve Saunders and Jay Thayer.


On Sunday, 08/12/18 Bruce Mogardo, Beach Superintendent e-mailed OSDA President Jay Thayer.  He stated:

The Beach Department and all of its staff wish to thank the Old Stone Dock Association and Ms. Margie Mitchell for your kindness in hosting the staff appreciation breakfast. It is always a pleasure to work with such a generous and dedicated group of individuals. Please call or stop by if we may be of any assistance to help the OSDA reach their goals.




















August 11th, 2018|

08-01-18 E-mail Message to OSDA Mailing List

Hello neighbor and greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association,

We are mid-way through the summer and I hope that you are enjoying yourselves. I wanted to update you on several upcoming events and topics that may be of interest to you

Our 2018 Membership Drive was a success with over 250 of you renewing your membership for 2019. Thank you! If any of you haven’t gotten to that yet you can still renew on our website, www.oldstonedock.com , or by sending your application and check to P.O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541.

It’s almost time for our Annual Summer Social! Don and Joyce Filiault at the Beach Breeze Inn are looking forward to hosting us once again and they do a really great job with the event! Moving the date to September last year was received very well by our membership and the event was well attended. This year we have scheduled Sunday, September 9 as the date for the Summer Social. I have attached an invitation with more details and I look forward to seeing you there.


– We have kept the tradition of the $25 per person banquet!
– Host Don Filiault has arranged with Eat Your Heart Out caterers for another fine meal under the Big Top!
– Town officials are looking forward to joining with us once again.
– We have many new members to introduce.
– 2018 Scholarship winners will be announced.
– Please respond now or by August 15th by using the form provided.

The Falmouth Road Race is coming up on Sunday, August 19. That makes for a pretty busy morning in the neighborhood with over 13,000 runners participating. Plan your travel that morning accordingly.

On a more serious note, I am sure that you are aware of the stress that the Falmouth Police Department has been under this summer. Two of their officers narrowly avoided serious injury or worse in a confrontation with residents last week. This comes as other Cape Cod and Massachusetts Police Departments have recently lost officers in the line of duty. I saw Falmouth Chief Ed Dunne on television express his concern that the public has lost respect for the uniform. It is my personal belief that the vast majority of Falmouth residents and visitors have an immense amount of respect for our officers and the job that they do serving and protecting us all. If you share this sentiment, I would ask that the next time you see an officer on the streets or around Town you thank him/her for their service to the community. We need to let them know how we feel and help them reinforce their confidence in public support for doing a job that is so important to all of us.

Thank you for supporting the Old Stone Dock Association and I hope to see you on Sunday, September 9!

Jay Thayer

August 11th, 2018|

07-15-18 Falmouth Sprint Triathlon at Surf Drive Beach

The Falmouth Triathlon took place on Sunday, 07/15/18 at Surf Drive Beach. New England Endurance Events, the sponsor is located on Cape Cod, and is fully immersed in the Southeastern Massachusetts triathlon and running communities.  Their management and staff are all current athletes.  Our contact was Kathleen Walker who is a seasoned triathlete, a USA Triathlon certified race director and a Red Cross certified lifeguard. She has been active in triathlon event production since 2003 for races both on and off Cape.

The course is unique for its 600 yards (1/3 mile ~) warm salt-water swim, an 8.5 mile scenic bike ride that climbs to the majestic Nobska Point Light, and a 5k (3.1 mile) run alongside Surf Drive Beach. Participants were notified that there will be NO parking at race site OR on Falmouth’s Main Street. Primary parking sites were the Mullen School, Lawrence School and Falmouth Marine Park (all less than one mile from venue).  All competitors received an athlete’s guide prior to the event with essential parking information. Additionally, police and staff were posted at all entrances to the race venue, blocking access by vehicles and directing participants to approved parking lots.  Cooperation by all is critical to the continued approval of this event by the town.

The Old Stone Dock Association was called upon to assist with traffic control. Old Stone Dock volunteers were at their posts from 5:30 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. and their assignments are listed below.

Locust / Mill: Paul & Sarah Bechta and Polly & Jay Thayer
Main / Walker: Mike Herlihy, Ed Jackson & Rocco Maffei
Main / Library Lane: David Colacicco
Main / Katherine Lee Bates: Steve Saunders
Main / Shore: Greg Mills and Jack Driscoll, Falmouth Police Officer
Surf Drive / Walker & Mill: Sheriff Department Officers
Roving Bike Photographer: Terry Saunders









July 22nd, 2018|

06-02-2018 OSD Members Beach and Roadway Cleanup on Surf Drive Beach

On Saturday, June 2, 2018 twenty-four members of the Old Stone Dock Association gathered at the Ellen T. Mitchell Bathhouse. The mission of the day was to pick up litter on Surf Drive Beach both beach side and street side.  Members also cleaned the Mill Street parking lot and up several of the side streets as well.

There was a table set up with membership information and Old Stone Dock Logo wear. Refreshments were provided to members and beachgoers who stopped by to say hello.  President Jay Thayer and Polly Thayer donated funds for the flower boxes this year and they were purchased at Soares Flower Garden Nursery.  Jay and Polly also had all the volunteers back to their home for a barbeque luncheon.  Beach Committee Chair was Terry Saunders.  Thanks to the following volunteers who helped make the event a success.  Katrina Anderson, Rebecca Bevilacqua, Sally Colacicco, Michael Denomy,  Anna dos Santos, Brian Doyle, Emily Doyle, Kevin Doyle, Jon Englund, Jim Fox, Kyle Goodell, Mike Herlihy, Pat Keck, Adele McConaghy, Jennifer McGovern, Michael McGovern, Carol Mills, Greg Mills, Steve Saunders,  Terry Saunders, Van Smick, Jay Thayer, Polly Thayer and Rich Worob.  Special thanks to Acting Beach Superintendent Bruce Mogardo who arranged for pick up and installation of the flower boxes and provided the crew with gloves and trash bags.

Submitted by:  Terry Saunders, Beach Cleanup Chair

June 6th, 2018|