09-08-19 Annual Meeting and Summer Social

The Old Stone Dock Association held their Annual Meeting and Summer Social on Sunday, 09/08/19 from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Beach Breeze Inn on Shore Street.  It was a beautiful day considering the day before there was heavy rain form Hurricane Dorian.

Jay Thayer, Polly Thayer and Steve Saunders got the tables and chairs in order earlier that afternoon.  Committee member Polly Thayer put together the lovely flower arrangements on each of the tables.  The registration table was manned by Cindy Lehtinen (Secretary) and Bob Lehtinen (Treasurer).  Membership Chair Rebecca Bevilacqua was instrumental in the production of the 2019-2020 rosters and distributed them to members as they arrived.  Terry Saunders and Steve Saunders sold OSDA logo wear.  New items this year included Navy Fleece Vests, Navy T’s and Navy Caps.

Tent and table rentals were from Taylor Rental.  Johns Liquor provided cold beverages.  Appetizers and luncheon were by Eat Your Heart Out Catering and ice cream sundaes were from Smitty’s.  We thank each of them.

President Jay Thayer welcomed the members, their guests and invited officials.  We heard an update on current town activities from Town Manager Julian Suso, Deputy Director of DPW Peter McConarty and local artist and historian Karen Rinaldo.  Jay reviewed the activities and accomplishments of the past year.  This included our annual Beach Clean Up, the Beach Employee Appreciation Breakfast spearheaded by Anne Prior and the traffic control supplied by members for the Triathlon that provides funds for our Tuition Assistance Program.

Terry Saunders, Tuition Assistance Chair spoke about Georgia Gans the recipient of this year’s tuition assistance.  She was presented a check for $500.00 at the August Board meeting (see separate story).

We’d like to thank our hosts Don Filiault and Walt Sullivan for another successful meeting.

Our next get together will be a holiday party after the Christmas Parade on Sunday, 12/08/19 will be held at ShoreWay Acres.  Details will be provided early November.   Logo wear will be available for sale at that event or if needed sooner by writing to info@oldstonedock.com.

Terry Saunders


Featured Picture:  Bob Lehtinen, Cindy Lehtinen, Rebecca Bevilacqua, Jim Fox, Steve Saunders








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08-13-19 Tuition Assistance Presentation 2019 -2020

It is through the generosity of our members and local community that we are able to present tuition assistance awards each year.  We had one applicant this year and we were pleased to present a check to her for $500 at our monthly board meeting held on Tuesday, August 13th 2019 to assist her with her college education.

Ms. Georgia Gans resides on Shore Street with her parents and members Mary & Marvin Gans.  Georgia graduated from Falmouth High School with a 3.87 GPA and will be attending Smith College in Northampton, Mass with an Economics Major.  Georgia has two sisters that also attended Smith College.

Georgia was on the honor roll every year in high school and was Secretary of the National Honor Society in 2018.   She has been a chemistry and math tutor and has volunteered for Best Buddies and the Falmouth Road Race.  She stated in her essay “I have never shied away from taking difficult courses or making difficult decisions.  I am very interested in all manner of social issues that affect all of us and want to explore that in college as well.”

We wish Georgia all the best.

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07-30-19 Beach Employee Appreciation Breakfast held at Surf Drive Beach

OSDA Board Member Anne Prior and Margie Mitchell of the Falmouth Beach Committee arranged the annual Summer Beach Employee Appreciation Breakfast.  It was an opportunity for the OSDA to thank them for the work they do for us on our beaches on a daily basis before they leave for other jobs, school, etc.

The breakfast was held on Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 7:30 a.m. in coordination with the beach employees weekly meeting at Surf Drive Beach.  OSD members assisted Anne setting up and welcoming the employees that morning.  Cape Cod Bagel graciously provided 6 dozens bagels.

OSD Members in attendance were (L to R in the featured picture) – Karen Rinaldo, Jack Driscoll, Anne Prior, Polly Thayer, Jay Thayer, Steve Saunders, Mike Herlihy, Kevin Doyle

Special Guests included (L to R in picture below) – Selectman Doug Brown, Beach Superintendent Bruce Mogardo, Town Manager Julian Suso, Beach Committee Member Dan Shearer and Beach Committee Chairman Paul Miskovsky

These young people really appreciate this and it is gratifying to see the caliber of employees that Bruce recruits for our beaches.  See group picture below.

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07-30-19 OSDA Presidents E-mail to Members and Friends

Hello neighbor and greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association

We are mid-way through the Summer and I hope that you are enjoying yourselves.  We have had an abundance of sunny days this year and the reports from homeowners, businesses and vacationers have been very positive.  Downtown merchants, restaurants, hotels and rentals all report new records being set for the summer of 2019.  I wanted to update you on several upcoming events and topics that may be of interest to you.

Our 2019 Membership Drive was a success with over 200 of you renewing your membership for 2020.  Thank you!  If any of you haven’t gotten to that yet you can still renew on our website, www.oldstonedock.com, or by sending your application and check for $25 to P.O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541.

It’s almost time for our Annual Summer Social!  Don and Joyce Filiault at the Beach Breeze Inn are looking forward to hosting us once again and their grounds are a really nice backdrop for our event!  This year we have scheduled Sunday, September 8, 2019 from 3:00 – 6:00 PM as the date and time for the Summer Social.  Write to president@oldstonedock.com if you need another invite emailed to you.  I look forward to seeing you there.   Briefly,

We have kept the tradition of the $25 per person (only $5 for children 12 and under).
Host Don Filiault has arranged with Eat Your Heart Out caterers for another fine meal under the Big Top!
Falmouth Town Officials are looking forward to joining with us once again.
We have many new members to introduce.
2019 College Tuition Assistance winners will be announced.
Remember to please respond now or by August 23rd.  This is important because our caterers need an accurate count as soon as possible.

Falmouth Road Race is coming up on Sunday, August 18. That makes for a pretty busy morning in the neighborhood with over 13,000 runners participating. Plan your travel that morning accordingly.

Thank you for supporting the Old Stone Dock Association and I hope to see you on Sunday, September 9, 2019!

Jay Thayer

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07-14-19, Falmouth Triathlon – Traffic Control

The annual Falmouth Triathlon took place on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at Surf Drive beach.  The event organizers communicated to their participants that there is NO PARKING on neighborhood streets and this has worked well the past several years.  To help make this happen, Old Stone Dock members worked with the Falmouth Police and the Sheriff’s department on traffic control and parking directions in several key locations on the morning of the event.  The event organizers have generously supported the Old Stone Dock Association and will continue that support this year.  This financial support goes towards the OSDA Tuition Assistance Program.  Members worked from 5:15 am to 7:30 am.  Volunteers are listed below:
Pictured (L to R):  Steve Saunders, Jay Thayer, Mike Herlihy, Ed Jackson, Rocco Maffei 
Missing from picture:  Jack Driscoll, Polly Thayer, Terry Saunders

 Other pictures from the days events:


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07-11-19 Community forum on litter

OSD Member Anne Prior shared a Facebook posting by Jay Zavala.  He advised that a Community Forum on Litter will be held on Thursday, 07/11/19 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm in the Hermann Foundation Room of the Falmouth Public Library at 300 Main Street.  This is being sponsored by the Falmouth Litter Reduction Team.  If you have any interest in this issue, please be sure to attend.

If you’d like to know more about “Talking Trash…” see the story published by The Falmouth Enterprise on Friday, 06/21/19.

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06-23-19 OSDA Members sell t-shirts and collect donations for Falmouth Fireworks Committee

On 06/23/19 OSDA Members Rebecca Bevilacqua, Terry Saunders and Steve Saunders sold t-shirts and collected donations for the Falmouth Fireworks committee from 9 am to noon at the Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse.  Terry Saunders and Steve Saunders also manned the table on Sunday, 06/29/19 from 10:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Pictured from left to right:  Artist and t-shirt designer Karen Rinaldo, OSD Members Rebecca Bevilacqua, Terry Saunders, Steve Saunders and Arthur Ratsy, one of the Founding Falmouth Fireworks Committee member 39 years ago.

July 9th, 2019|

06-23-19 Flower Boxes – Funds received in memory of Eileen & Palo Peirce

The OSDA was notified by the estate of Palo Peirce that he had made a donation to the OSDA.  Funds were received and were put towards the purchase of flowers at the Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse this spring.  The Peirce family explained to President Jay Thayer that their parents enjoyed seeing the floral display over the years and the work that the OSDA did in the neighborhood.  The plaque reads “2019 Fondly Remembering Eileen and Palo Peirce”.

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06-28-19 Email to Membership from OSDA President Jay Thayer

Old Stone Dock Association June-July Activities

Hello Neighbor – Greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association,

Summer is here, and activities of all kinds for all ages are picking up in the village and in the neighborhood. The year-round population of Falmouth is just over 32,000 but the population has recently been estimated to increase to 105,000 in the summer months. This has the added benefit of supporting a wide mix of commercial, professional, artistic and cultural offerings making Falmouth feel like a larger town all year round.

The Falmouth Fireworks Display Thursday, July 4 at dusk with a rain date of Friday, July 5. Voted one of the 10 best fireworks displays in the country by Travel and Leisure Magazine! Held each year at the Falmouth Heights beach, this is a classic Cape Cod summer event supported entirely by local donations. More information and event details, parking and traffic information can be found at: falmouthpolice.com/events/falmouth-fire-works/ .

The Friends of Falmouth Station have also invited us to an Ice Cream Social on Saturday, July 6 from 2:00 – 4:00PM at the Falmouth Station, 59 Depot Ave. Hot dogs, ice cream and entertainment on the Holiday weekend afternoon! Details are attached.

The Falmouth Village Street Fair Wednesday July, 10, 2019 –  The annual Street Fair/Arts and Crafts Festival is coming up and promises to be a main attraction of the Summer season. Hosts, The Falmouth Village Association indicate there will be over 200 artists and artisans set up along Main St that day. Be aware of changes in Main Street area traffic pattern adjustments that day.

The Falmouth Triathlon Sunday July, 14, 2019 – The annual Falmouth Triathlon will be held once again with events centered at the Surf Drive beach. Improvements this year include a new road cycling course which takes cyclists off of Woods Hole road. This change was initiated last year, and participants and residents agreed that it worked well. The event organizers communicate to their participants that there is NO PARKING on neighborhood streets and this has generally worked well. To help make this happen, Old Stone Dock members work with the Falmouth Police and the Sheriff’s department on traffic control and parking directions in several key locations on the morning of the event. The event organizers have generously supported the Old Stone Dock Association in the past and will continue that support this year. This financial support goes towards the OSDA Tuition Assistance Program that I discussed in my last letter.

If you are interested in lending a hand this year from about 5:30AM until 9:30AM on Sunday morning, July 14 please RSVP to info@oldstonedock.com so we will know who to expect. We will let you know exactly where to be that morning once we know how many volunteers we have.

The Falmouth Road Race Sunday August 19, 2018 – The 47th running of the Falmouth Road race is set to go off on Sunday morning August 18. Although the OSDA does not take an active role in the event, the course does put 13,000+ runners down Surf Drive on a Sunday morning and they are accompanied by many pedestrians and spectators along the race course. Plan your travel around Falmouth that day accordingly.

OSDA Membership Renewal – The annual OSDA membership drive is coming to a close with a very successful response from you and your neighbors. We thank over 250 of you for participating in the neighborhood association and allowing us to keep our neighborhood visible to Town leaders and pass along items and information which may be of interest to you and your neighbors. If for some reason you have not renewed […]

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05-10-19 Email from President Jay Thayer to members

Hello Neighbor – Greetings from the Old Stone Dock Association

Spring is taking its time making its way into Falmouth this year but there are signs that summer is not far off and the Surf Drive Beach will soon be enjoyed by many of us once again. I wanted to make you aware of several upcoming events and activities being organized by the Old Stone Dock Association (OSDA).

The OSDA Annual Beach Clean-up and Presentation of 2019 Beach House Flower Boxes on Surf Drive Beach will be held on Saturday, May 18, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to noon. We wanted to do a final cleanup before the Memorial Day Holiday weekend. Protect yourself by wearing long pants, shirts with sleeves, sunblock and use garden gloves.  We’ll have a membership promotion table and registration by the Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse where refreshments will be provided and OSDA logo wear will be available for sale.  We will also be gathering for a light lunch afterwards so we will need to know if you will join us. If you are able to lend a hand, please RSVP toinfo@oldstonedock.com so we will know who’s coming.

Dues Renewal Notices are being mailed this week to 350+ new, current and past members.  Please support the OSDA by remitting your dues of $25.00 per family now to P. O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541 for the current year of 06/01/19 to 05/31/20.  The membership renewal form can also be found on our website at oldstonedock.com if that is more convenient for you. We thank you in advance for participating in the neighborhood association and allowing us to pass along items and information which may be of interest to you and your neighbors.

Tuition Assistance Applications are available to children and grandchildren of Old Stone Dock Association members who will be freshmen at a 2 or 4 year college in September 2019.  Members must be paid up and current with their 2019/2020 dues.  Applications will be accepted between May 1, 2019 and June 23, 2019.  The quantity and amount of scholarships provided annually will be determined by the Board of Directors and recipients will be selected by the committee.  The Tuition Assistance Application can be opened on the OSD website (oldstonedock.com) as a fillable PDF form, saved and printed from your PC.  A copy is also attached to this email if you would like to print it and fill it in by hand.  Applications must be mailed to OSDA-Tuition Assistance, P.O. Box 835, Falmouth, MA  02541 and be postmarked by June 23, 2019.

Old Stone Dock Association Information is always available on the website at oldstonedock.com. Director Terry Saunders does a fantastic job updating the website with events and activities that are going on with the Association and documenting many of our events with photographs.  She also welcomes any information you might want to offer for the enjoyment of all.

Article of Interest  My wife, Polly, recently came across an interesting article in the BU Today online magazine. The article is written by food, travel and outdoor recreation writers Diane Blair and Pamela Wright. It is titled “Three Perfect Cape Cod Day Trips” and details three of the best day trips on the Cape. As you may have guessed, Falmouth is on the list. The section “Bike the Shining Sea” is a great description of Falmouth attractions and natural wonders near the bike trail. It reminded me of some of the many reasons that we are drawn to the Cape and Falmouth in particular. The article can be found at:  https://www.bu.edu/today/2019/cape-cod-day-trips/

Request from the Beach Breeze Inn  I wanted to repeat a request that I made last Fall regarding a unique opportunity in our neighborhood this Summer. Every year the Beach Breeze Inn sponsors three young women on […]

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