“Crossen Creek” was formally established on February 1st. Paul Smith wanted to create a permanent recognition for the Founding President of the Old Stone Dock Association. He figured that if we talked about the rip-rap artery that cleans run-off water into Salt Pond as Crossen Creek, then after a year or so, we ought to be able to label it as such.

Founding President Jim Crossen was informed of our intention at the Annual Meeting at the Beach Breeze Inn in December 2017.  OSDA member Locust Sign Company made the sign to look like the sign that has long identified “Fresh River.”  Newly elected OSDA President Jay Thayer stepped up to prepare all the mounting materials to ensure an attractive and sound footing. He then led the team to erect the sign on a beautiful winter morning.

As soon as the sign was in place, the erecting committee of Board Member Paul Smith, President Jay Thayer and Immediate Past President Kevin Doyle went to Jim’s house to escort him down to Crossen Creek for inspection. Jim is delighted with the honor. The accompanying pictures tell the story. You are all encouraged to check out the sign for yourselves. We’re all proud of you Jim!

Featured picture:  Jay Thayer, Jim Crossen and Kevin Doyle.