The mission of the Old Stone Dock Association is to promote a sense of community for residents in the neighborhood of Main Street to Shore Street to Surf Drive to Mill Road and all the streets and residents within those boundaries.

The Association will work with the Town of Falmouth officials towards improvements in the areas of beautification, traffic movement, beach utilization maintenance, road maintenance, and, in general, the welfare of all residents.

The Association will endeavor to create a community spirit by encouraging all residents to participate through programs that promote unity based upon a common interest.

Become a Member

The Old Stone Dock Association, whose name is founded on the actual Old Stone Dock located on Surf Drive in Falmouth, MA, was formed in 1962 because of concerns of shorefront development. The geographical area of the Old Stone Dock Association is shown on the map to the right.  There are 600+ residences in this area.  Members are primarily from this area but anyone with an interest in our mission is welcome to join with the approval of a majority of the board of directors.

Click here to view the Old Stone Dock Associations Bylaws.

We hope you find this website to be informative about the services that the Old Stone Dock Association provides to our community. We encourage you to join our membership and participate in the betterment of our neighborhood.

Old Stone Dock Map Falmouth, MA